“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

-Albert Einstein

Go2.CC, a project affiliated with SHAMIM, is a platform and series of ideas how to restore universal harmony. As our two brain hemisphere shape our reality, we need to seek for cause inside our brain. We suggest that the corpus callosum (CC) is the key to the problem.

The left and right cerebral hemispheres are connected via the corpus callosum (from the Latin for “tough body”), also known as colossal commissure. It is made of more than 200 million nerve fibers, building the largest connective pathway allowing the hemispheres to communicate.

The CC and the other sub-cortical structures, such as the cerebral commissure, also have complementary yet conflicting roles. However, the main purpose of a large number of these connections is to inhibit the each hemisphere from interfering with the other’s activity. Discoveries in neuroscience explain that over the course of human history, there was a gradual decrease in the size of the corpus callosum, and today only 2% of cortical neurons are connected by this track. (Jäncke & Steinmetz, 2003, p. 204; Banich, 2003, p. 262.)

“divide ut regnes” meaning “divide and rule”

-Roman Emperors

It is our theory that the gradual reduction in size of the CC is the result of societal influences that ultimately trained the left side of the brain to become more dominant over the right side. For example, as the world turned toward industrialization, the need for efficiency and structure increased and thus invited greater exercise of the left hemisphere. Simultaneously, the right side of the brain — responsible for intuition, creativity and empathy — weakened. It is important to note that while both sides remained in use, the proportions of use changed. In essence, this is the opposite of how it should be. The disproportional use of the left hemisphere created a lack of harmony in the brain that is mirrored by the very same behavior exhibited in human interaction.

The problems in today’s society can be traced back to the evolution that resulted in the more creative and empathetic hemisphere becoming submissive compared with the technical, objective one. The attributes that many of today’s leaders lack — intuition, empathy, the ability to see the broader picture — are traits that can be linked to the right side of the brain; this is also the hemisphere that has seen less use and development over the course of time, mainly in men, since a rational and logical way of thinking was the basis for their education.

“What I’m really interested in is whether God could have made the world in a different way; that is, whether the necessity of logical simplicity leaves any freedom at all.”

-Albert Einstein

Further, this change did not manifest itself the same way in both sexes. Research has suggested that the CC in female brains remains relatively thicker than in male brains and the anterior cingulate cortex, which is a part of the rational decision making center that weighs options, is larger in brain of a woman.

These issues and solutions are also mentioned in theological scriptures. SHAMIM uses science to provide tangible proof and support the veracity of these mystical teachings. Further, various platforms have been created for the specific purpose of helping provide individuals with the complete picture.

“In order to rectify the world, we need to rectify our plastic brains.”

-R. B.

As we acknowledge neuroscience as a crucial element of SHAMIM and for the development of Go2.CC, we encourage you to visit Neuroplasti.city for additional information and participation in our cause: harmony.

Also enjoy the theory of Feminine Peace, which explains how differences in our brain structures can affect gender interaction, and how we can take advantage of the masculine and feminine strengths. With regard to politics, we can also leverage these innate characteristics via a proposed system to replace democracy called FemoCratia. And finally, if you wish to take action to put the elements of SHAMIM into practice on a global scale, sign our petition for a UN resolution at CSW.ngo.